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I LIKE Computer Science


TO MY VIEWERS Thank you.



I was and will continue to be a valuable resource to many people online.


June 2020

Discord Launched!


One thing I miss the most is connecting and meeting my old viewers. You guys are awesome people, so I made a new Discord to connect with you all: Click to join! I plan to make content again but as a hobby! Please do not expect a ton of content as I am still studying at university.

Dec 2018

Final Website Update

I have decided to archive my work onto and no longer provide downloads to resources. This update can continue throughout 2019, and I plan to feature equipment, software, media, and tools I use to make SCMowns possible. I may provide free downloads of resources and media for any potential YouTubers visiting.

Jan 2017

Final Video on SCMowns2

YouTube LLC.

After six years of non-stop work on, I decided to finally end my journey. My decision was made when my interest in Computer Science required higher education. I decided to commit all my efforts to college/the university.

Dec 2016

Visted the PlayStation Experience as MEDIA

Sony LLC.

Like the PAX East experience, my friend and I filmed at this convention with the purpose of promoting game developers and networking. Click to watch video.

Late 2015

Officially closed help forums

During this time, I felt a lack of motivation to continue with YouTube, so I ended my help forums which proudly assisted thousands of people online for free. Click to see total posts.

Jan 2015

Visited PAX East as MEDIA

Reed Exhibitions Inc.

Went to PAX with remix10tails as MEDIA. We interviewed exhibitors and promoted game developers. Click here to see the montage.

Nov 2013

Recived Machinima Talent Partnership

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Partnered with Machinima for extended opportunities like convention passes, promotions, etc.

Nov 2013

Visited Minecon

Minecraft LLC.

Attended Minecon and met YouTubers I worked with online. I also spoke and promoted my work at this convention. This was my first experience on a plane to Orlando FL. Click here to see the montage.

Mar 2013

Created a MCN (Ownage Network)

BoardbandTV Inc.

Created a Multi-Channel Network for beginner YouTubers. With a partnership program exceeding seventy partners, I successfully helped many new content creators begin their careers. Click here to visit the channel.

Feb 2013

Recived Twitch Partnership

Amazon Inc.

Gained partnership by streaming Minecraft, cube world, and random games on Steam. My highest peak of viewership was almost 5,000 individuals one night.

July 2012

Recived TGN YouTube Partnership

BoardbandTV Inc.

Received partnership with TGN who supported me with any strike issues on YouTube.

Jan 2012

Lost SCMowns, but gave rise SCMowns2

YouTube LLC.

My first channel got terminated by YouTube’s 3-strike system because I embedded external website links in my video descriptions. Unfortunately, YouTube did not like filesharing sites, so with little explanation of this, I got terminated. See an archive of my first channel here.

Dec 2011

Rise of

JOL Solutions

With the support of my uncle Jorge, I managed to use my Drupal website to host files for my viewers. Thank you very much tio Jorge! Click to visit my first website.

Late 2011

Recived YouTube Partnership

YouTube LLC.

Received an offer from Google to partner my channel under AdSense and get paid. I had 12,000 subscribers and 100,000 total video views (lower requirement during this period).

Mid 2011

Uploaded first video on SCMowns

YouTube LLC.

Some argue that my first video was made on the Minecraft mod, too many items, but I believe it was on single player commands. I remember vividly starting the video by saying, “hello YouTube!”.


Video Editing

Adobe PhotoShop

Web Development

Public Speaking

Collaborating with remix10tails



Marketing & Advertisting



Eddie Entertainer (xXSlyFoxHoundXx)

So @SCMowns makes Minecraft fun again for me! I love him seriously all homies show him love and follow him for ALL MINECRAFT STUFF!


TiffanyEntertainer (iHasCupquake)

Oasis would have not been possible without the help of Steven, so thank you.


Jose Entertainer (remix10tails)

Proud of this guy. Even though I bully him a little too hard, I'm really proud of how much he has accomplished.


AleksEntertainer (ImmortalHDfilms)

I want to give a big thank you to SCMowns. He’s the reason why this series is possible. He has done every single modpack since SpookyCraft has been around.


JamesEntertainer (UberHaxorNova)

Thank you steven for putting things together for us.


Lizzie Entertainer (LDShadowLady)

Thanks to SCMowns for all the assistance on my series, ShadowCraft. name a few.


71,000,000+ Total Views Worldwide

For me, this milestone means more than just having a lot of views on my content. Majority of these views derive from tutorial videos that show step-by-step how to accomplish a certain task. I am proud to have assisted millions around the world with not only tutorials but also entertainment. My audience retention has always been a high 70% on most videos- surpassing average retention scores of 40%. My tutorials may be the reason why these stats are high for me.

400,000+ Followers Accross All Platforms

I appreciate all my followers who have enjoyed my content and subscribed to it. I can remember when I got my first followers, and it felt so amazing. I would have never expected so many people to care for me and my content. My YouTube experience brought out the leader inside me which has given me my own sense of guidance. The guidance that would inevitably make me succeed outside the realm of YouTube.

Amazing Connections

The connections I have grown in the industry of entertainment is a personal milestone of my own. I am thankful to have the opportunity to connect with friends from around the world. Whenever they need support they know who to rely on, and vice versa. Here is an example when my friend needed some help for a livestream.


Personal Computers: Alienware Aurora R4 and Alienware x51

Server Hosting (Minecraft and Video Games)

Monitors x3

Laptop (new model linked)

Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020 and requirements

Microphones I started with


Keyboard: Azio Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Chair (Similar Syle mesh listed below)

Note taking and social media management when away

Camera: EOS 60D with Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 & Sigma Fisheye Lens


Audio Capture

Green Screen, Lighting, and Stands

Video Capture Software

Screen Capture (Desktop):
In-Game Capture: xSplit and Fraps

Video Capture Hardware (My Favorite was Hauppauge)

Editing Software

Photo editing Software

3D Animation Software


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Steven with Long Hair

Fanart by Jessica

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illustration by SMaskVXN

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First Music Video


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Fanart by Remmul

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Speedart of my icon

Fanart by multichibz

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Series by xXSlyFoxHoundXx

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By SCMowns

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SCMowns Fan Art

Fan Art by Dan-Neko97

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10,000 Subscriber Special


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SCMowns Papercraft Template

Fan Creation by RainbowDfox

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The Tales of Porkchop

Series by SCMowns



Please feel free to contact me.




- SCMowns