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Hey ,Guys
I just want to install a mod and the mod need minecraft forge.
After i install the mod + minecraft forge its Minecrfat forge loading 0% after 1 sek. minecraft starts 1sec. The Mojang Logo and then Blackscreen of doom.

I just testing out to install only Minecraft Forge but its dosn´t work also.
I just install Minecraft forge like this:

1.Delet META-INF
2.All classes from mincraft forge etc. into minecraft.jar
3.Delete again META-INF


1.Delete META-INF
2.All classes into mincraft.jar


1.Don´t Delete META-INF
2.All classes into Minecraft.jar
By this one its dont Loading anything....

Anyone now whats false?

I also take minecraft 1.4.2
and minecraftforge-universal-
My mod is the Eternal Frost Mod

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your suppose to do this method:
1.Delete META-INF
2.All classes into mincraft.jar

don't delete Minecraft Forge's META-INF
and you're modding on Minecraft 1.4.2?
Do you own minecraft? if not that might be your problem.

By SCMowns --


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Ya i own minecraft thats not a cracket version or something like this the 100% original game.

By Iqarus
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I just make all what you say still the same :/

By Iqarus

Maybe it's just that you have to put the mod in the mod folder

By Facug0
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Nope its also dosn´t work

But I found the error i just delete my full resorces + mods folder and now its work :D

Thanks for you help ;)

By Iqarus

I have the same problem with every version of forge :/

By Hjalpmovie --

Ecro Mod.. Coming soon.

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Delete Meta-INF and then copy everything in the minecraft.jar

By WolfNationHD
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Well Forge does have a ModLoader in it, so deleting your "mods" folder might fix it.

By Mudbill --


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Maybe you put the mods in wrong Files??

By _PoeCrystal_
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just STFU thomas jeez

By CybeR_StinG --


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Desperate bot is desperate.

By Mudbill --


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